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Voice Control for ChatGPT

Voice Control for ChatGPT

Voice Control for ChatGPT

Enhance Your ChatGPT Experience with Voice Input and Read Aloud Capabilities

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This browser extension revolutionizes the way you interact with ChatGPT, allowing you to effortlessly engage in voice conversations with this intelligent conversational partner. With our browser extension, you can now easily talk to ChatGPT in a seamless and dynamic way. Voice Control for ChatGPT provides a convenient and accessible tool to enhance your experience with advanced AI. Take your AI interactions to a whole new level today!

Voice input

Record your voice and submit your spoken questions to ChatGPT

Read aloud

Have ChatGPT's responses read aloud to you for a more immersive experience

Multilingual Support

Enjoy conversations with ChatGPT in multiple languages for a truly global experience.

Effortless Conversations and Language Learning

Voice Control for ChatGPT provides a faster and more efficient way to obtain information, as speaking is typically quicker than typing. This makes it an excellent choice for those who want to save time. Additionally, it is an accessible tool for people with disabilities or impairments that make typing difficult. The extension is also beneficial for language learning, providing an opportunity to practice speaking skills and improve pronunciation. Overall, Voice Control for ChatGPT is a valuable tool for exploring the capabilities of advanced AI and enhancing your experience with ChatGPT.

Screenshot of Voice Control for ChatGPT
Screenshot of Voice Control for ChatGPT

Introducing Mia - Your Personal Voice Assistant

Building on the innovative features of Voice Control, Mia AI evolves the experience into a personal voice assistant integrated with ChatGPT. Engage in fluid, hands-free interactions and enjoy the empathetic, personalized feedback that makes every conversation natural. With Mia AI, set your browser's startup page to welcome a ready-to-assist companion, enhancing your digital life with just your voice.

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