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Voice Control for ChatGPT

Voice Control for ChatGPT

Talking to ChatGPT: Top 3 Voice Control Options for Your AI Experience

In the current age of digital advancement, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making waves in all aspects of our lives. With the inception of AI conversational models like ChatGPT, communication has never been so interactive, smart, and personalized. But what if we could streamline our interaction further and talk to ChatGPT using voice commands? Sounds exciting, right?

Today, we're going to discuss the top three ways to control ChatGPT with voice. Let's dive into the world of ChatGPT voice control and explore the leading options that are changing the way we interact with our AI companion.

  1. The ChatGPT iPhone App by OpenAI

    With mobile phones being the go-to device for most people, having a 'ChatGPT voice' controlled app is a no-brainer. The official ChatGPT iPhone app by OpenAI is a handy tool that lets you command your AI using voice inputs.

    While the app doesn't read out responses, it does offer the convenience of voice inputs, making it an excellent option for those who prefer a mobile-friendly experience. The only downside? You might need to get used to reading the AI responses, instead of hearing them.

  2. The SiriGPT Shortcut

    Next up is the SiriGPT shortcut, which brings ChatGPT into the realm of Siri, Apple's voice assistant. The SiriGPT shortcut allows users to embed ChatGPT into Siri, essentially enabling you to 'talk to ChatGPT' using your iOS device.

    Setting up the SiriGPT shortcut might seem a bit challenging at first, as it requires an OpenAI API key, but once you're past that, the possibilities are endless. This option offers an immersive 'ChatGPT with voice' experience for iOS users, creating a world where Siri and ChatGPT coexist.

  3. Voice Control for ChatGPT

    Finally, let's delve into the option that is rapidly gaining popularity - the "Voice Control for ChatGPT" extension for Chrome and Edge browsers. This browser plugin takes the concept of ChatGPT voice control to a whole new level.

    Voice Control for ChatGPT is designed to give users an interactive and engaging experience. The extension features a recording button, which allows you to record and send your voice queries directly to ChatGPT. Say goodbye to the hassle of typing - all you have to do now is speak!

    What's more? This ChatGPT voice plugin doesn't just listen - it speaks too! After the AI processes your voice queries, the extension reads out the AI's responses, ensuring a smooth, auditory interaction. Whether you want to mute, skip, or repeat the responses, this plugin has got you covered.

    Not to mention, the Voice Control for ChatGPT extension supports multiple languages, offering a personalized and accessible AI experience to users worldwide.

In conclusion, as AI communication evolves, the way we interact with these models is also changing dramatically. Whether it's the official ChatGPT iPhone app, the SiriGPT shortcut, or the Voice Control for ChatGPT browser extension, these ChatGPT voice options are reshaping the AI landscape, making our interaction with AI more streamlined, efficient, and immersive.

Ready to talk to ChatGPT? Choose your preferred voice control option and let the conversation begin!

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