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Voice Control for ChatGPT

Voice Control for ChatGPT


On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions regarding issues with Voice Control.

You may also try to chat with the dedicated Voice Control Custom GPT designed to help with any support inquiries.

What browsers are supported?

Google Chrome for desktop is the only browser supported on all operating systems. The extension uses experimental browser features that only work reliably in Chrome. However, the extension also works on Edge when running on Windows (not macOS).

Furthermore, Brave is not supported despite being based on Chromium. This is allegedly due to a dispute between Brave and Google regarding speech services.

Not seeing the language drop down or only seeing a few voices?

The extension uses a mix of voices installed on the computer and in the browser. Most operating systems and browser versions have a set of default voices installed, but some times these need to be installed manually.

Please see the following guide on how to install voices.

Microphone access denied

The extension need access to your microphone to record your voice. If you already declined microphone access then you can re-enable it by clicking the settings icon next to the address bar.Microphone help

ChatGPT not working

If you experience problems and wonder why is ChatGPT not working then it is typically because ChatGPT is overwhelmed with requests from users worldwide. ChatGPT gets a load of traffic dues to its popularity and it is not uncommon that it is unstable. Please see Open AI's status site for more info.

I see errors in the chat, what do I do?

Errors displayed in the chat are not related to the extension. Errors from the extension will always show in the upper right corner. ChatGPT may throw errors for various reasons. Please see Open AI's status site for more info.

Error from Voice Control: audio-capture

This means that the browser for some reason failed to capture audio. Try to check if the microphone is properly plugged in, is on and not muted. Also make sure that the microphone you are trying to use is selected in the Windows or macOS settings.

Network error

This means that network communication required for completing the recognition failed. Try to check if you have internet connection or if something could be blocking the network traffic such as a firewall. It may also help to use a VPN.

Speech recognition error

The browser does not support speech recognition in the current language. This is usually a browser compatibility problem. Speech recognition is supported in Chrome for Windows and macOS and Edge for Windows (but not Chrome). Other Chromium based browsers like Brave do not support speech capabilities.

I don't like the voice for my language, how do I change it?

In the extension settings you can change the voice under "Voice preference". If you don't see any options then you need to install more voices on your computer.

Please see the following guide on how to install voices.

I don't hear any read aloud?

This may be an issue with the text-to-speech engine on your computer, but, before trying anything else, please make sure that the audio is turned on. If the audio is on then a simple computer restart often help. If none of this helped then you may need to revise the language packs installed on your computer.

Please see the following guide on how to install voices.

Mia is stuck in 'Thinking' state

This issue usually occurs when the underlying ChatGPT chat isn't responding or has encountered an error. Most of the time, it resolves itself after a short while, especially if the issue is related to exceeding the current usage limit for GPTs. However, if the problem persists, you can reset the extension by pressing CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+B on your keyboard while on the ChatGPT page (ensure the input field is inactive). This action will reset the extension to its default settings, including resetting Mia, and cannot be undone.

Keyboard shortcuts don't work

Other apps or extensions may high-jack keyboard shortcuts used by this extension. To solve this, try to close open apps and/or restart the computer.

Something else is not working as expected

Occasionally the extension may not work as expected due to data corruption. In that case, try to reset the extension by pressing CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+B on the keyboard (input field must be inactive). A prompt will appear asking if you want to reset the extension. Accept and the extension will be reset to default settings.

Furthermore, ChatGPT are running split tests on their website which may cause you to have a different experience than other users, and may cause the extension to malfunction without us knowing about it. Please reach out to us if you experience any issues.

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