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Voice Control for ChatGPT

Voice Control for ChatGPT

Elevating Interaction with Text-to-Speech from OpenAI

The OpenAI Text-to-Speech (TTS) API is revolutionizing the way we interact with machines. As developers seek to enrich user experience, OpenAI's TTS API stands out by offering high-quality, spoken audio from text. Currently featuring six preset voices, the API provides two models: tts-1 for real-time applications and tts-1-hd for unparalleled audio quality.

For Developers and Innovators

The TTS API is easily accessible to any developer with an OpenAI API account, with pricing starting at a modest $0.015 per 1,000 input characters. This makes it a versatile tool for both small and large-scale projects.

Seamless Integration

With a generous rate limit of 50 RPM for paid accounts and a maximum input size that equals approximately five minutes of audio, the TTS API is built for efficiency. Additionally, the API supports streaming by setting stream=True, which chunks the audio for seamless, dynamic delivery.

A Vision for the Future

Looking forward, we see a great potential of integrating high-quality voices with Voice Control for ChatGPT, and are actively investigation how to offer this to our users.

In essence, OpenAI's TTS API is not just a tool but a building block for the future of voice-enabled applications, offering developers the ability to create more natural and engaging user experiences.

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